Our Story



It was all a dream to a small-town girl from Dothan, Alabama.  Now that dream has morphed into reality.

Meet Rashada LeRoy, a successful entrepreneur who is the CEO of LRY Media Group, an experiential event management company located in Birmingham, AL, and the owner and Chief Designer of lōb.  What began as a love of fashion and simple hobby creating unique earrings from Rashada's vision and a host of compliments, the first lōb design was born.

Each lōb earring is an invitation to a new experience.  Each pair has a journey that spans from Africa to Alabama, and are carefully crafted and inspired by the people, the music, the movement, and above all the women who have shaped and impacted the way that Rashada lives.  lōb is for the authentic woman who makes a statement when she enters the room and no matter what she has on her plate, will always arrive rocking a dope pair of earrings.

A lōb piece is an adventure, a tribute to how the modern woman explores the world with confidence, unapologetic and by her own rules. 

Welcome to lōb!